Safety Orientation Program

Bryan Builders Safety Sticker
  • Please know the Location of your local emergency facilities and phone numbers

  • BB Safety Regulations which are to be followed and are located onsite

  • BB Visual Safety Poster for clarification are located onsite

  • BB Portable Stations will be located through the building with reminder signage, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, eye wash station.

    • (Please take note of where they are located daily)

  • All visitors are to follow BB PPE requirements (vendors, truck drivers, etc.)

  • Please be respectful and maintain the cleanliness of the Porta Johns

  • Smoking Stations will be located outside and marked with the appropriate signage. All Cigarette Butts are to be disposed into the appropriate buckets and not on the ground. This includes NO chewing or vaping inside the building

  • There is not eating or drinking throughout the building except for water. breaks and lunch will be in designated areas ONLY and must remain clean.

  • Weekly tool box talks are to be turned in on Friday by the end of the day.

  • Any New Workers will need to go through this same orientation. If they do not have a BB safety sticker on their hard hat they will be immediately asked to attend this orientation to understand the project requirements.

  • If you see something of a safety concern please say something or do something and notify us immediately.

  • Bryan Builders takes SAFETY FIRST! We want everyone to go Home the Same Way they Arrived.

  • Signing and turning in of orientation acknowledgement form

  • Awarding of BB Safety Sticker

Bryan Builders Safety Orientaion Program