Safety Regulations:

  • HARD HATS MUST BE WORN at all times. Metal, hardhats are not to be used.

  • Report all injuries to the BB Superintendent immediately.

  • Report unsafe conditions or unsafe acts to your supervisor and to the BB Superintendent.

  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) as required by law including but not limited to: Ear, foot, eye, and hand protection, etc.

  • High visibility shirts or vests must be worn at all times.

  • Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. Including: shirts, long pants, and boots.

  • Lift correctly: using your legs to take strain, not your back.

  • Approved respirators are to be used when conditions warrant and as required by law.

  • Good housekeeping by all personnel is mandatory

  • Scaffolds and ladders shall be used in accordance with all laws and safety regulations.

  • Fall protection is required for any work performed at 6 ft. or above and as required by OSHA.

  • Machine guarding is required for all power operated tools, generators, equipment, etc.

  • Powder actuated tools will not be used by non-licensed operators and without proper personal protective equipment.

  • Hand tools must be kept well dressed, handles to be replaced as needed to prevent injury from flying particles.

  • Fire protection equipment is not to be tampered with or removed from assigned location.

  • No employee, other than the operator, will ride on any trucks, loaders, material hoists, fork lifts, shovels, or other moving equipment.

  • Only authorized and properly instructed employees shall operate machinery, equipment, tools, or vehicles.

  • All engines must be shut off when refueling.

  • NO SMOKING in or within 30 ft. of all work areas and entrances.

  • Heavy equipment must have backup warning devices as required by OSHA.

  • Proper warning signs must be posted prior to the use of any equipment as required by OSHA.

    • Such as Lasers, powder actuated tools, cut off saws, etc.

  • Subcontractor will maintain all required SDS information on-site and will be responsible for any costs or fines associated with lack of required OSHA information

  • Any unsafe act by any job personnel will be grounds for dissmmal.


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Phone: (866) 994-1414


Phone: (866) 994-1414

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